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Our Mad Honey is a special type of honey made from the pollen of rhododendron flower, which contains active ingredients (grayanotoxin). It’s been used for thousand years for its healing purposes and can also provide some unique experience at certain doses! The dark, reddish, “mad honey,” known as deli bal in Turkey, contains an ingredient from rhododendron nectar called grayanotoxin — a natural neurotoxin that, even in small quantities, brings on light-headedness and sometimes, hallucinations. In the 1700s, the Black Sea region traded this potent produce with Europe, where the honey was infused with drinks to give boozers a greater high than alcohol could deliver.

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source: Rhododendron flower.Color: Dark amber shades with yellowish hues.Very mild sweetness but Tangy with spicy undertones followed by a slightly bitter aftertasten .

Nutrition Facts: Calories 64, Fat 0g, Sodium 0mg, Carbohydrate 17g, Sugar 17g and so on.


Serving Size: 1 Tbsp (27 gr)

Around 2 to 3 tablespoons can create more intense effects and so more information at.!divAbstract

You can experience feelings as a surge of energy, euphoria, body relaxation and a sense of freedom and so  for a more powerful effect, we recommend eating the Himalayan Honey on an empty stomach.


Safety Rules: Our Mad Honey should be stored in a safe place,but  out of the reach of children. It should not replace any of your medical treatment, if you have any doubt, please ask your doctor.

Color: Ruby red color, to dark red depending upon season of harvest. because the  color largely depends on the forage plant and season.

Aroma: It gives pleasant smell with blend of various flower aromas and so on

Doses: Normal one tea table spoon equals to 21 grams, 0.74 ounces,but Over 21 grams is called overdose.


It gives mild buzz effect resulting in the relaxation of body and mind because If you consume it on regular basis, it is can increase the body immune system and boost your performance.

Caution: It should not be given to children below the age 18. Patient with issue of high body pressure and low body pressure should not do over consumption. Do not use it with Alcohol but it is good for consumption.

Ancient use: Villagers of Gurung tribe use this honey as medicine for gastrointestinal problem and on anti-bacterial and anti-fungal drug for centuries.

Mad honey was even use to heal the various wounds applying from outside just like a paste applied on wound by pharmaceuticals and because it act like a medication

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We offer the original mad honey from wirebudshop, extracted by the Gurung tribes of Nepal. We offer International delivery. Secured payment with PayPal in USD or EUR.

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